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Construction Management

    Under a Construction Management contract method, the owner secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with trade contractors and suppliers. This early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start, creating an environment for success. There are two forms of “construction management” –  Construction Management “for-fee”, where the construction manager is an agent of the owner (“CM-Agency”); and construction management “at-risk,” where the construction manager is legally responsible for delivering the project on-time and on-budget (“CM At-Risk”).  

CM-Agency: Owner Holds the Subcontracts 

   As the owner’s agent in the CM-Agency role, HASCON acts on the owner’s behalf in matters of constructability, cost, and schedule, generally with the goals of reducing cost and ensuring effective management. We offer advice, uncolored by any conflicting interest on crucial matters. We develop a cooperative, constructive, team-oriented process that guarantees that the owners' best interests are met, and goals achieved. 


Agency CM Benefits

  • Affords design and construction expertise for the Owner without conflict of interest 

  • All sub-trades are competitively bid 

  • CM works in partnership with Owner and Architect 

  • Cost and schedule control throughout design and construction 

  • Early knowledge/control of cost and schedule 

  • Ability to proactively manage the design and construction process 

CM At-Risk: CM Holds the Subcontracts 

    As CM At-risk contractor, HASCON delivers the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). We act as consultant to the owner in the pre-construction/design phases, but as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase. This method differs from design-build because design remains the responsibility of an architect contracting independently with the owner. 

CM At-Risk Benefits

  • CM assumes contractual risk to Subcontractors 

  • CM works in partnership with Owner and Architect 

  • GMP is developed early in the process 

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